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Ewa Beach 2017 Community Christmas Parade

2017 Ewa Beach Lions Club Annual SPED Children's Christmas Party with Campbell HS LEOs and Ronald McDonald

     Thank you letters from the children

Ewa Beach Lions and James Campbell HS LEOs Get Together at Puuloa Beach Park (12/10/17)


       2015 Ewa Beach Lions Community Christmas Parade

 Honolulu City Council honoring the Ewa Beach Lions Club for 50 years of outstanding community service and its commitment to revitalizing One'ula Beach Park ( Hau Bush) (9/2/15)

Oneula Community Care Project

This event was to have the community members come out and provide feedback on what improvements they'd like to see at Oneula in the future.  We cooked up the hot dogs and hamburgers for all attendees.

Project Graffiti Clean Up: October 24, 2015 

Supporting the Ewa Beach Weed & Seed and HPD with their graffiti clean up at Ewa Mahiko Park

2016 EBLC Sponsored Christmas Children's Party

A party filled with sweet treats and activities for children in our community. With the support of the James Campbell High School Leo's, this years event was a complete success.  The children had a fantastic time!

2015 Easter Bash

Microwave Cooking Class at Franciscan Vista 12/14/16
  2016 Beach Clean up
   2016 Easter Bash
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easter bash 2
easter bash 1
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